Apple vs. The FBI


As most of you know, Apple is fighting a request by the FBI to “unlock” the iPhone of one of the deceased San Bernardino shooters. This issue may seem a no-brainer to many people. But Apple has very legitimate reasons for doing so.

First, Apple prides itself on its reputation for the security of its products  (that can be debated, but not the point here). In order to defeat the security of just that one iPhone would require Apple to create something that, according to them, doesn’t even exist; a piece of software that could do such a thing. If this EVER got out of their hands, there goes the security of every iPhone on the planet. And believe me, it would. Such a thing would be worth millions to a lot of people, and many if not every government on earth.

Second, their reputation for privacy would be in ruins overnight. People would flee their phones, tablets, even their computers in droves. They have very good reasons to fight this.

Even former CIA director Gen. Hayden has come out in defense of Apple’s decision. If the government can force one cell phone maker to provide a hack, or a back door to their phones, Google is next (Android). Now I’m extremely sympathetic to the FBI’S need to get information about who this guy was talking to, texting, etc. It could very well prevent another “sleeper cell” like his from killing more Americans. But this is a Pandora’s Box that we must never allow to be opened. Imagine this kind of back door being used remotely by the FBI on whomever they wish! Sorry FBI. You’re going to have to find a different path to the counter-terrorism activities you’ve been doing an excellent job on for years.

Call me a libertarian, I don’t care. It’s not correct, it’s just that this one is too dangerous a road to go down.


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