Hillary or Bernie

I haven’t posted anything since the end of January, and that’s because I haven’t really felt like I’ve had anything important to say.  School and trying to deal with the fragmented life I have takes up a lot of my time, and at times I am too exhausted to even think about putting my thoughts or anything to put out there for the universe and so you fine people can read.  My major is Political Sciences and I haven’t posted anything political since joining this blog.  I figured that I would briefly put my own two cents into this 2016 political cycle.

First off, I have to say that I am for either Hillary Clinton, or Bernie Sanders.  I love Bernie’s ideas, and it annoys me when people say his ideas are radical and will never happen.  In my opinion, if I am paying taxes to the government, then I damn well better see my tax dollars going to things that will benefit me and those less fortunate.  His message about us, the working class and middle class, need to vote and take back our government, because we’re working harder and getting paid less money for more responsibility and more stress.  Those of us who are in “Right to Work” states have it worse because you have to deal with companies who’s policies are not there to help you succeed in any way, and you can get fired for any time for no reason at all and there’s nothing you can do about it.  Bernie’s message is one that is extremely important, BUT he has become a broken record by repeating the exact same things at every debate.  He has done a VERY bad job at defining his brand of “Democratic Socialism”.  He needs to expand and grow as a candidate and show that he understands and can handle the other aspects of the office of president.

Hillary Clinton is known as the establishment candidate, and I agree with that.  She is the most qualified and experienced person for the title of President.  Her role as Secretary of State is extremely helpful because she is known and respected around the world and has done some amazing things during her 4-years as Secretary of State.  Her views have evolved, and I remember she used to be against gays getting married, but now she’s our biggest champions.  She has a problem for standing up for what is right, but goes with what is popular at the time, the Iraq war vote.  People need to stop comparing Hillary to what Bill Clinton did because on one hand, Bill Clinton was President, not Hillary.  One thing that may hurt Hillary more is that Bill Clinton is defending his repeal of Glass Steagall, which set in motion for the greed that lead to the financial collapse and the mortgage crisis.  Hillary has many strengths and many weaknesses as far as her record.

The Republican side, I can say is that they really scare me.  Every republican running terrifies me because they all are running on lies, spreading fear and want to take away certain people’s personal rights.  This party supposedly runs on small, limited government, but has just as much over reach into people’s lives and Democrats do, if not more.  I plead for people to please vote in every election.  Democrats did not come out and vote last November and look at what is happening in Congress, more of the same, and in Republican run states, the insanity from poisoned water to Kentucky and Texas.  Racism is now mainstream and no one holds the media accountable for the lack of HONEST journalism.  It’s hard to know what is real anymore.

To me, this is a very terrifying time and I pray that those of us who want to keep this country moving forward and keep rights for ALL American’s to vote for whomever wins the Democratic nomination.  We need to be unify once the nominee is chosen or the republican’s will win the White House AND the Congress, and that will be horrific if you’re a minority, gay or a woman in this country…..ESPECIALLY if you’re Muslim.  Please, go out and be involved with what’s going on in your local area as well as the state and national news in politics and it’s time for the people to have the government work for us again.

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