Dump Trump

While I enjoy the constant comedy tirade he presents to us all, I want to see him go away. This theory that he is a plant by the Democrats is laughable. My Theory is that he was never Republican or Democrat or he hasn’t been for a very long time. He is a selfish prick who is an attention whore. If he doesn’t get much further, he’ll squeeze it for a book deal or two and then probably fool a bunch of people to help him build another failing business…which he will then file for bankruptcy and fail to pay the people he hired. It’s happened once or twice before or five times before.

He was boasting about China…his failed business sense believes China is a big dog. Their industry has dropped for 5 months in a row. China was building like a bubble and then it either has to pop or deflate. Right now it’s deflating but it could pop, too. It won’t be long till China gets in line to protest for higher wages. This is even more proof that he is not at all business-smart. He has kept his net worth steady and probably because he privatizes the profits to himself and then socializes the losses by being granted bankruptcies that allows him to nearly walk away unscathed. There was an article on his failure as a businessman on Vox I think that basically spelled out how he hasn’t gained much worth since his father died.

Two words: Dump Trump.


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