The American Nazi Party


I posted awhile back that we should refrain from violating Godwin’s Law on this blog. This was mainly a message to a former Co-blogger here, who shall not be named, who would not stop promulgating conspiracy theories about Monsanto controlling the government and both major political parties and comparing the US to Nazi Germany. He’s gone and good riddance.

Well, now I’m guilty of doing it. But can you really blame me? Go ahead. Take the quiz in the word “really”. But, ignore everything I’ve said about how bad Trump would be. I have long since lost any respect for the Republican party as the loyal opposition. All data shows that ever since the Carter administration, every single time they gain control of the executive and legislative branches of our government our debt explodes,  we lose jobs by the tens of millions, our economy grinds to a halt or reverses into shrinking, and often a war or two is started. I consider them an enemy of the state. Not their voters. For the most part they’re honest and good people seeking conservative governance. And no matter how many times they’re duped into voting in the GOP hoping that this time they’ll get what they want, they keep trying. I guess they’ve got no choice.

But now I love Trump. He’s a blatant Nazi, and it looks like the GOP is going to make him their party leader, despite all the protestations by the RNC chairman and the House Speaker that his views don’t represent theirs. This is every progressive’s wet dream. The GOP is about to become the American Nazi Party. We progressives have always known that elements of the Republican party are either closet fascists, or open ones that they try to keep relegated to the fringe. But now their “fringe” has fallen in love with their own version of Eichmann, come out of the closet, and shown us all how massive their numbers really are in the polling numbers Trump gets. And the best part is the more fascist ideas Trump voices, the higher his numbers grow.  Round up 11 million undocumented immigrants and deport them? Force all Muslims to register into a database? Ban them from entering the US? He’s the gift that keeps on giving.

There are two outcomes here. Trump wins the nomination and the nation is forced to choose between a fascist and an experienced woman of sound mind and non-insane policy ideas, or (did you hear Trump point out a poll showing 68% of his supporters would follow him in  a 3rd party run?) Trump makes good on his veiled threat to the GOP and runs as an independent, guaranteeing a lock of a democrat of the White house. Either way, we win, and the GOP gets to spend the next decade trying to slough off the stench of fascism.

I live in Missouri. You don’t have to register a party affiliation here, and can vote in whichever primary you want. Since Hillary has a virtual lock on the nomination, I might have to vote for Trump just to help him pick up Missouri on Super Tuesday. Let the games begin!

UPDATE: I got 6 out of 10 on the “Who said it? Hitler or Trump?” quiz. If it’s that difficult, well, you can figure out what Trump is…


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