Ted’s Year In Review, And What’s Next



Sobriety. I’ve maintained it throughout the year. No relapses  (a complete return to drinking) and no slip-ups  (having one or two). For those who understand the struggle, that’s a major accomplishment every year, every month, and every single day of your life.  But it has become much less of a struggle in recent years. I don’t even think about it anymore. I go to Bar & Grills, look at the bar and all the liquor, and kind of feel a little nauseated. I’d rather have the caffeine in my soda.

The Blog!
This blog has been my best accomplishment of 2015. For my entire adult life people have been telling me that I should be a writer. Even while I was making very good bank being a systems engineer, something I love and miss every day, people who are close to me, or know me best would tell me that. Well, now that I can no longer be a systems engineer, I had to find something I could do. I could write. And, as it turns out, rather well. So I  bought several domain names and founded this experiment. I originally founded it under the domain name teddonaldson.com. Thinking it would just be me. But things evolved very nicely into a group blog concept. I managed to recruit some of the best writers out there. Our site stats bear this out. I began feeling increasingly embarrassed to have them all writing under a domain name that’s my own name, so I bought more domain names and we’re now located where we are. You’re welcome, gentleman 😉 Hundreds have been spent so far. I don’t mind at all. If I can help others be successful writers, no price is too high. We have a regular readership, and it only took a few months. That is incredible. I’m extremely proud of every one of my Co-bloggers. This is our blog.

Who knows? As I’ve written before, every year ahead is an open expanse. One thing is certain, I’ll continue to work to make this blog even more of a success. And with the team I have now, that shouldn’t be difficult.


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