Now Trump Is The Chinese Communist Party

I don’t have any kind of transcript yet, because he just said about 25 minutes ago that A) we MUST ban Muslims from entering the US  (but he first said that yesterday) and B) (I’m paraphrasing) we have to block parts of the Internet. Because thousands of young people are being radicalized by it. Yup. He said that. He clarified that we need to “talk to Bill Gates about that.” Now Microsoft had nothing to do with the development of the Internet, the world wide web, or any other component parts of the Internet as we know it today. But Trump isn’t just a wanna fascist. He’s a dumbass wannabe fascist.

Now there is no conceivable way to block parts of the Internet the way China does. Besides it being unconstitutional on its face, our channels of connection to the rest of the world via the Internet aren’t nearly as simple as they are going into China. It’s technologically not possible. Not with the Internet we have setup today. Also the rest of the world might have a problem with this since most of the highest bandwidth backbones of it are located here. Anyway it couldn’t ever happen, and doesn’t require any more discussion except to say that yes; Trump isn’t even hiding his fascist ideas anymore, as ridiculous and/or impossible as they may be. It’s unconstitutional to ban all Muslims from entry to the US, and it’s unconstitutional and impossible to “block” certain parts of the Internet coming into the US. I’m sure that the NSA is doing a fantastic job of scanning everything we say on it with supercomputers anyway.

UPDATE: Here’s the link to the video. Enjoy. Have a vomit bucket handy.


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