New Digs

Hello any regular readers we have! Do we have any? Just kidding, I can tell by analyzing site stats that someone’s coming back. 🙂 You might be wondering why we’re now located at Well, when I originally bought I thought it would just be me. But things evolved very nicely into a group blog concept. After all the fantastic contributions of my colleagues/friends/Co-bloggers I felt a little embarrassed to have them all writing under a domain name that’s my own name. I put it to a vote, and all but one voted in agreement with me; that we should change domain name. Now is temporary. In mid January we’ll go live at But you, our readers, don’t need to worry about any of that. Everything will redirect just as it did this time.

So please keep enjoying our blog, and keep coming back 😉
Ted Donaldson – site owner, but certainly not alone!


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