I Am Borg


In Star Trek: The Next Generation a civilization  (if you could call it that) was introduced called the Borg. An entire race of beings cybernetically enhanced to the extreme. To the point that they couldn’t survive without their enhancements. I won’t bother explaining the rest of this fictitious race’s proclivities and activities because most of it is common knowledge.

I often wondered just how such a race begins. They had to be “normal” beings at some point, wouldn’t they? And then they began enhancing themselves with biotechnology. Maybe just to cure disease, or fix defects in the beginning. Then taking it a step further. Well, we may be going down that road right now, and I and many others are just that beginning.

My minor brain injury left me with 3 aftershocks. First, it utterly decimated my speech. Nothing can fix that. Nothing known anyway. Second, it screwed up my balance just a bit. Not enough to hinder me though. Third, it destroyed my fine motor control (which technically includes speech), and left me with what neurologists call a “rubric tremor” in my hands. This interfered with just about everything I did  (eating, etc) for 5 years. This is basically the same type of tremor people with Parkinson’s often get. So I eventually found a neurologist who wanted to try a revolutionary new treatment that was developed for people with Parkinson’s, having no idea if it would even work on me. It’s called Deep Brain Stimulation.

In my case it involved drilling two holes in my head, and sinking two wires deep into my brain down to the basil ganglia. They’re connected to a battery implanted on whichever side of my chest I chose (I chose the left). They deliver a steady rate of electric pulses. It turns out it works for me. It reduced the tremors in my hands by about 80%. As far as anyone knows I’m the only case it has been successfully tried on someone with my type of neurological damage. I’m in the journal of neurology. I could not run this site, or even maintain a Facebook page without this system. The picture above isn’t exactly how mine is setup  (I had two separate surgergies so the wires go down both sides of my neck) but it’s close enough.

Maybe this is how it starts. Fixing medical problems. Then on to enhancements. The technology is already available, and brilliant minds are coming up with ideas for this. In any case, I Am Borg. 😉


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    The next step is telepathy. Not the supernatural kind. The cybernetically wireless variety. That’s at the 100 years away i think though.

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