Evil Doesn’t Always Lose (at least, not quickly)

The last 100 years have taught us one important thing; evil doesn’t always lose. The Nazis took 40 years before they were eradicated. The Maoist regime in China still has power (though it has evolved). The Taliban, AL Qaeda, both still in existence. Evil is if anything resilient.

The attacks in France were immediately claimed by ISIS. That’s probably true. Whether or not this brings in the French military into the mess in what’s left of Syria remains to be seen. But the world is dealing with an entirely new animal. It’s headless, and its arms are the Internet.

Our movies depict us as all-powerful, who never lose. Our politicians give us meaningless platitudes like “we will crush ISIS.” But this new monster has much bigger ideas than what they did in France. Or the downing of the Russian airliner. And worst of all, all they have to do is inspire them. They have plenty of money, and lots of territory. They’ve got the trifecta of terrorism.

This beast will take a lot of time to eradicate. Perhaps 30 years or more. It doesn’t matter that Bush/Cheney nearly single-handedly created it. It’s here. It may take 50,000 American troops. Hopefully, the more global targets ISIS hits, the more assistance we’ll receive. Hopefully the rest of the civilized world sees this as the monster that it is. Because this one may take a united multi-national, multi-faceted convergence of force to eliminate. Without that, it will continue to recruit from everywhere, grow and become the worst nightmare the world has ever seen.


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    Imagine in less than a year and President Donald Trump has decimated ISIS. Could this be because their leader Obama is now out of office and no longer funding them with We The People’s money? Hmmm Donald Trump is the man with the plan. Soon he will rid our country of the criminals that enter it illegally. Amen. And God Bless The U.S.A>

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