Democracy: Idiocracy Pt. 1

When you think about democracy, you may think it’s the best system of government there is but between all the rhetoric and bullshit, is it? The core principle is that of electing officials by you, the people/electorate. It sounds good enough but it is only as good as an informed electorate is. The people can be deceived. Just look at the amount of climate change deniers out there…it doesn’t matter how many “smart” people they listen to on the opposite end, the people are told by non-scientists that there are thousands or more scientists who disagree with climate change…

The reality is that there’s very few people in the field that disagree with it fully and a few that pick it apart and only disagree with a portion. That’s the politician giving you the half-truth and expecting you to swallow it. You would need to come to the conclusion yourself by listening to thousands of people; you’re not going to do that and that’s the kicker. The politician knows you won’t do your own research. If you do, you’re probably not voting for him/her anyway.

The fundamental flaw in democracy is an uninformed electorate and expecting professional liars to be forthcoming to their constituents. Another flaw is the expectation of justice.

Our democracy is an argument between two people who don’t belong in the same country it seems. Two complete opposites.  Political parties who represent ideologies of whole nations. As the years pass, these ideologies have been set in indestructible concrete. They are inviolable. You, the voter, must pick between two opposing ideologies. It doesn’t matter if you are a person of combined ideologies, you have just two main choices. Third parties? That’s cute…

We’re trusting ideology extremists to rule a nation of middle-ground citizens.

Democracy is corruptible…well, so is communism and well not to drag this out, every form of government has people and people are corruptible. It’s not just power…it’s greed. In the capitalist economy like ours, greed pays off. The more money you have, the more comfortable you and your family are. You, the citizen, is a sheep among wolves. The greed also leads the official to become above the law. That level of corruption is extremely dangerous. These wealthy few can easily buy their way out of consequences.

The capitalist mindset of obtaining an endless amount of cash leads the cash to be used to influence the justice system…or just the thought of placing this person in jail can ‘destroy’ entire infrastructures.  The reason big banks didn’t go to jail is because they made the government in power scared of the consequence. Their jailtime could lead to people not investing, people not investing could topple the economy. Democracy be damned if the country can be toppled by the very few…whatever happened to the power of the many? Well, the power of the many have 0 power when it comes to the power of the few in this case. Sure, the power of the many could refuse to give in and suffer the domino effect but after thinking about it, 10,000, 100,000, 100,000,000 people have their entire savings and future invested already in the corruption. So they are essentially paying into their own slavery.

People seem to be stuck under a delusion that only democracy can bring freedom. It’s false, of course, but why? A true democracy where everyone gets a vote can be utopian in nature but in practicality, it doesn’t come close. Democracy in that context is an illusion…there’s just no way 10,000 differing opinions can come to consensus without a republic to take consensus and to make 10,000 decisions into 1. A republic is what we have currently and that leads to just power in the hands of one person… one corruptible person. Our opinion becomes enslaved by majority. The majority was already manipulated by a few opinions.

Our food stamp system is a grand example of a great concept that is being destroyed by a majority even though the majority wants to keep it.  You show a thousand people that a few are taking advantage of the system and the majority then wants to change it. The change not only affects the few but the rest of the people who use it. “Pee in a cup” rule. The uninformed electorate was manipulated into thinking so many people were taking advantage of the food stamp system and the elected official convinced a majority of people to create a law that was to drug test everyone using food stamps. The result was that there was just a few who failed the drug test or failed to show up to do the test (admission of guilt). We ended up spending millions of dollars to convince the majority of people to demonize a majority few because of the minority few.

Molasses of progress: Democracy of a 300,000,000 electorate. Every thing is an issue and everything takes forever to change because everyone needs to voice their opinion.

Even though dictatorships and monarchies are faster at getting things done, they are corrupted already by having all the power they need to do what they want.

You could say that our democracy as it stands is of two battling monarchies: Democrats v Republicans. Both require loyalties to that monarch. Instead of the party members being swayed by the electorate, they are swayed more often than not by their party’s views. It takes a ground-shaking movement by the electorate to change the party.

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