Borders are for Barbarians

What is a border but just another species of animal trying to mark their territory? Why have borders? I think I need a lesson, an understanding of why we have them. What ultimate purpose do they serve other than keeping people out or keeping people in? State borders in the U.S. are welcoming… “Come in and never leave!” is basically their overall message but country wise, the overall unwritten message is, “Stay out and never come back!”

Immigration is a null issue with me. I see the net benefit of allowing everyone come and go as they like. The Right and some moderates will argue about terrorists and the like coming over. I’m not convinced. The towers were brought down by people who legally came into this country. As their famous argument “criminals won’t obey the law, so why have them” when it comes to gun control…I agree to a point. That’s exactly the idea of not having immigration laws that strictly prohibit people to come and go. Land of the free, home of the brave? There’s fear in their argument against open borders.

I believe in the human condition. I see no reason why people have trouble understanding the plight of our neighbors. They’re human. Assimilation, if handled properly, could be easy. Ethnicity has easy assimilation but religion doesn’t. Language is a small problem as well. There’s a lot of smart articles out there about open borders. I want you, the reader, look out for a few of these books to find some closure of why we have borders and what purpose do they serve for the future. We spend so much money keeping people out but we could use their labor, their consumerism and make a profit as a nation keeping them around as we use our American neighbors the same way. For the argument that they’re “taking our jobs” …no one is taking anything, people are giving these jobs away. If you want to point fingers, point it at the businesses I suppose.


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