The Martian-Spoilers ahead

Alone on a desolate planet, a man must use his wits and his courage to survive. His crew has left him here alone, with years before a rescue but only days of food. Luckily, he is a botanist and finds out a way to grow potatoes. After a disastrous first attempt, it turns out the same crew that left Mark behind was going to come back and rescue him. While he lightens a rocket they resupply from earth. In the climactic final scene the captain grabs Mark out of space and into safety. Now that I saw the movie, I think I will read the book.The movie is most like Castaway, in which the main focus is on the Crusoe like protagonist. A robot serves as his Friday. And while some of the physics are far fetched, the are shrouded with technical terms that conduce veracity. I saw in a regular theater but can see how great it would be in IMAX 3D. 5 out of 5 stars


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