The Pope’s Debasement

So now we know. The Pope had a private visit with Kim fucking Davis. And he told her how “courageous” she was. I’m am atheist so I really don’t give a shit what the multi-billion dollar corporation known as the Catholic Church does. But the Pope has a massive amount of influence, and he made this visit very political. Now I really liked what he had to tell the leaders of the world regarding climate change and the need for all of them to take it as seriously as CFC’s and then how the ozone would be gone in 50 years.

And then he went and ruined his credibility with me. Every religious leaders is saying Kim fucking Davis went to jail because of her religious beliefs. I’m sorry but when is someone going to tell these people that this country is the most religiously free place on earth, and the Christian persecution complex is getting as old as the religion itself. She went to jail because she’s a civil servant and refused to do her job. When a federal judge ordered her to do her job, she refused to obey the judge so he held her in contempt of court. It had nothing to do with her religious beliefs. So the Pope goes and legitimized the lie that the bigot went to jail for her religious beliefs. This guy isn’t dumb. He’s a smart guy and he’s got to know why she went to jail. As far as I’m concerned, he ruined the credibility of his historic visit, and added credibility to a huge lie. How “Christian”.


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    Michael J 3 years

    Kim Davis made up that story. True, the Pope did meet with her, but the “Holy Sees” said that he did not have any actual conversation with her, in person, and he did not go to see her. She just happened to be there. Don’t swallow what the media tells you.

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