American Royalty

From the farmers to bankers and Africans, from free to enslaved, to the slave-to-freed contract enlisted folk who all joined the common cause of rebelling against British rule may not have held the same views on any number of issues, though most agreed that outrageous taxation by a far-away oligarchy and King was worth laying down their lives to rid themselves of, the men (a and the  few women) who added their ideas for the foundation of the newly formed nation apparently did not like vestiges of the Empire they had just thrown out hanging around.

But enshrined in the first passage of the Declaration of Independence gives us a clue as to what institution they wanted gone posf-haste: royalty. “All men are created equal” is pretty clear. But now as it so often does history has repeated itself. As far back as the Buchanans that train left the rails. Through the Roosevelts, the Kennedys, the Clintons and the Bushes it would seem that the outgrowth of  England truly does want royalty in our society.

Now I’m by no means  casting judgment on the accomplishments of the individual members of these American royals during their reigns, though few could argue the reign of the Bush dynasty has wrought havoc on the country and the world both economically and in loss of life. And our society, still in love with our Kings, and Queens, wants to keep our royalty alive. Right now we have a prince and a Queen vying for power yet again. The people who founded this nation would be repulsed.

So. Will we let them have the power they want back yet again? Or will we ever get rid of the entire idea of America Royalty?



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